Data-Intensive Computing and AI/ML Applications at Scale

Room 1501 (Building 240)

Room 1501

Building 240

With Aurora to enter production in the coming months, a new era of computing will dawn at Argonne. Not only is Aurora one of the world's largest supercomputers, it is also designed to support three overlapping activities -- traditional high-performance computing, data-intensive problems, and large-scale AI/ML applications. This meeting will bring together researchers working primarily on the last two topics. The aim is to understand the current scope of activities, the nature of hardware/software challenges going forward, and how to overcome them via collaborative approaches. Additionally, the meeting will also be useful in capturing the status of the current software suite, data-intensive application support services, and what may be required by applications in the future.
  • Aditya Tanikanti
  • Adrian Pope
  • Alessandro Lovato
  • Alvaro Vazquez Mayagoitia
  • Amal Gueroudji
  • Anouar Benali
  • Archit Vasan
  • Azton Wells
  • Benjamin Gutierrez-Garcia
  • Bethany Lusch
  • Christine Simpson
  • Corey Adams
  • filippo simini
  • Huihuo Zheng
  • James Osborn
  • JD Emberson
  • Kalyan Kumaran
  • Krishna Teja Chitty-Venkata
  • Kyle Felker
  • Mark Dewing
  • Marta Garcia Martinez
  • Murat Keceli
  • Nesar Ramachandra
  • Nicholas Frontiere
  • Patricia Larsen
  • Peter vanGemmeren
  • Ray Bair
  • Riccardo Balin
  • Salman Habib
  • Sam Foreman
  • Saumil Patel
  • Shivam Barwey
  • Taylor Childers
  • Thomas Uram
  • Tim Williams
  • Varuni Katti Sastry
  • Venkatram Vishwanath
  • wei jiang
  • Xiao-Yong Jin
  • Ye Luo
  • Yuri Alexeev