7-15 December 2020
America/Chicago timezone

APS / CELS Town Hall
A common vision for the future

Argonne is well poised to employ advanced computing to maintain a world-leading position in the synchrotron light source community. The APS has a world-class photon science program with a large and diverse user base, and the computing divisions within the Computing, Environment, and Life Sciences directorate (CELS) are home to world-leading supercomputing infrastructure and computational expertise. This colocation provides an unprecedented opportunity for collaboration in exciting and innovative areas and to explore how advanced computing and APS-U can together create the leading synchrotron light source instrument worldwide and enable discoveries that would otherwise not be possible.

The APS and the computing divisions in CELS are planning to hold a series of Town Hall meetings. The overarching goal is to develop a common vision of the big challenges and opportunities associated with computing in the APS-U era, the capabilities needed to address those challenges and opportunities, and how the APS and CELS can work together to provide those capabilities.

The primary outcome is a vision and roadmap detailing work that must be undertaken over the next decade as well as near-term steps required to get started.

Breakout groups will focus on main topical areas:

  1. New algorithms, math, and AI/ML
  2. Scalable software tools
  3. Workflow and orchestration
  4. The APS-CELS computing architecture
  5. Sustainable and discoverable data repositories
  6. Networking

Breakout groups will identify and prioritize challenges, opportunities, and timelines. A written report will be generated by mid-February 2021.

Participation is open to the APS and CELS, APS Collaborative Access Teams (CATs), and the larger interested Argonne community.

Registration for this event is currently open.