Call for Papers

The ROSS workshop, to be held as a full-day meeting at the HPDC 2016 conference in Kyoto, Japan focuses on principles and techniques to design, implement, optimize, or operate runtime and operating systems for supercomputers and massively parallel machines. ROSS provides a timely and lightweight forum for scientists and engineers to present the latest ideas and findings in this rapidly changing field.

The topics include, but are not limited to:

  • OS and runtime system scalability on many-node and multi/many-core systems
  • specialized OSs for Supercomputing
  • management of heterogeneous compute resources
  • distributed/hybrid/partitioned OSs and runtime systems for Supercomputing
  • management of reconfigurable compute resources
  • fault tolerance
  • system noise analysis and prevention
  • interaction between middleware, runtime system, and the OS
  • modeling and performance analysis of runtime systems
  • OS and runtime considerations for large-volume, high-performance I/O
  • parallel job startup
  • memory management and emerging memory technologies
  • the role of OS and runtime system in minimizing power usage
  • real-time considerations for Supercomputing

Download the call for papers.