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International Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers

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Tucson, AZ, USA, May 31, 2011



The ROSS workshop, to be held as a full-day meeting at the ICS 2011 conference in Tucson, Arizona, focuses on principles and techniques to design, implement, optimize, or operate runtime and operating systems for supercomputers and massively parallel machines. ROSS provides a timely and lightweight forum for scientists and engineers to present the latest ideas and findings in this rapidly changing field.

Topics of Interest

The topics include but are not limited to:

Workshop Materials

Workshop audience Ron Brightwell

Cover The electronic proceedings of the ROSS 2011 workshop are available from the ACM Digital Library. Click on the image on the left or on the ACM DL page links next to each presentation below.

In the table below we also include links to abstracts and slides for each presentation from the workshop.

8:45-9:00Workshop Opening and Overview
9:00-10:00Keynote: Ron Brightwell Ron Brightwell
  Why Nobody Should Care About Operating Systems for Exascale. Abstract, Slides (1.8 MB)
10:00-10:30Coffee Break
Session 1: Early Work (chair: Bronis R. de Supinski)
Jan Stoess Jan Stoess, Udo Steinberg, Volkmar Uhlig, Jonathan Appavoo, Amos Waterland, and Jens Kehne:
  A Light-Weight Virtual Machine Monitor for Blue Gene/P. Abstract, Slides (584 KB), ACM DL page
Ron Brightwell Patrick Bridges, Kevin Pedretti, and Dorian Arnold:
  VM-based Slack Emulation of Large-scale Systems. Abstract, Slides (1.8 MB), ACM DL page
Sriram Krishnamoorthy Eric Van Hensbergen, Ronald Minnich, Curtis Janssen, Sriram Krishnamoorthy, Andres Marquez, Maya Gokhale, P Sadayappan, Jim McKie, and Jonathan Appavoo:
 Fault Oblivious eXascale Whitepaper. Abstract, Slides (3.3 MB), ACM DL page
12:00-13:30Lunch Break
Session 2: Startup and Filesystem (chair: Terry Jones)
Michael Brim Michael J. Brim, Barton P. Miller, and Victor Zandy:
 FINAL: Flexible and Scalable Composition of File System Name Spaces. Abstract, Slides (228 KB), ACM DL page
Jun Kato Jun Kato and Yutaka Ishikawa:
 Design and Implementation of Parallel File Aggregation Mechanism. Abstract, Slides (972 KB), ACM DL page
Abhishek Gupta Abhishek Gupta, Gengbin Zheng, and Laxmikant V. Kale:
 A Multi-level Scalable Startup for Parallel Applications. Abstract, Slides (680 KB), ACM DL page
15:00-15:30Coffee Break
Session 3: Scheduling (chair: Kamil Iskra)
Stephen Olivier Stephen Olivier, Allan Porterfield, Kyle Wheeler, and Jan Prins:
 Scheduling Task Parallelism on Multi-Socket Multicore Systems. Abstract, Slides (1.5 MB), ACM DL page
Terry Jones Terry Jones:
 Linux Kernel Co-Scheduling For Bulk Synchronous Parallel Applications. Abstract, Slides (3.3 MB), ACM DL page
Session 4: Blue Gene (chair: Yutaka Ishikawa)
Kazutomo Yoshii Kazutomo Yoshii, Harish Naik, Chenjie Yu, and Pete Beckman:
 Extending and Benchmarking the “Big Memory” implementation on Blue Gene/P. Abstract, Slides (1.3 MB), ACM DL page
Eric Van Hensbergen Eric Van Hensbergen, Pravin Shinde, and Noah Evans:
 Brasil: Basic Resource Aggregation System Infrastructure Layer. Abstract, Slides (4.7 MB), ACM DL page

Schedule and Submission Procedure

Submission deadline: March 28th, 2011 AOE (extended)
Author notification: April 18th, 2011
Final versions due: May 6th, 2011

The ROSS workshop proceedings will be published electronically along with the ICS conference proceedings via the ACM Digital Library. Submitted manuscripts should be formatted using the ACM SIG Proceedings alternate style. Extensive documentation can be found at the ACM site. The maximum length is 8 pages. All papers must be in English.

The workshop uses the Easychair conference manager for submission and notification. Start the paper by providing the title and the abstract in plain text, and then submit the full paper in PDF. Please click here to start the process and follow the instructions. If you experience any problem, please contact us immediately.

The best papers of the workshop will be considered for inclusion in a special issue of International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications (IJHPCA).

Download the call for papers in pdf or text.


Workshop Chairs
Kamil Iskra Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Torsten Hoefler Blue Waters Directorate, NCSA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Program Committee
Henri Bal Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
Pete Beckman Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Patrick Bridges University of New Mexico, USA
Ron Brightwell Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Franck Cappello INRIA, France / University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Luiz De Rose Cray, Inc., USA
Bronis R. de Supinski Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA
Christian Engelmann Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Markus Geimer Jülich Supercomputing Centre, Germany
Yutaka Ishikawa University of Tokyo, Japan
Larry Kaplan Cray, Inc., USA
Ron Minnich Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Rob Ross Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Martin Schulz Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA
Thomas Sterling Louisiana State University, USA
Jesper Larsson Träff University of Vienna, Austria
Robert Wisniewski IBM Research, USA


For further questions, please contact the workshop chairs.


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