The Workshop on Quantum Network Simulations is a one-day workshop on Monday, Sept. 16 in conjunction with QCE'24. In this workshop, attendees will learn about the current landscape of quantum network simulation techniques used both for academic research and educational purposes. This workshop will also allow researchers to exchange state-of-the-art results on quantum network simulation and discuss future directions for the community.

Abstract: Quantum networks are long envisioned as the key infrastructure for future information transmission. They are expected to enable information-theoretically secure communication, distributed quantum computing, distributed quantum sensing, and many more distributed quantum information processing applications. Currently, many efforts from academia, national laboratories, and industry around the globe are moving towards building real quantum networks. The experimental implementation of quantum networks involves large-scale and multi-disciplinary efforts, however the layered structure of quantum network functionality has not yet reached consensus. As a result, quantum network implementations cannot be conducted without careful and extensive evaluation and validation. Analogous to their classical counterparts, quantum networks – which will eventually scale in multiple dimensions – demand simulation tools to guide implementation decisions and analyze protocol performance. Several quantum network simulators have thus been developed in recent years, while quantum network researchers continue to implement ad hoc simulations for specific research questions. For this emerging research field, it is important to foster a collaborative community that will further advance quantum network simulation to be more realistic, more accurate, more scalable, and more helpful. This proposed workshop thus aims at creating a forum for demonstrating the latest progress of quantum network simulation, identifying near-term research and development objectives, expanding the community, and forming new collaborations.

Target Audience: This workshop is targeted to a diverse audience including developers of quantum network simulators, computer scientists and theoretical physicists using simulation for protocol design and evaluation, experimental physicists using simulation for experiment plan validation, educators using simulators in the classroom, and students from all levels who are interested in the topic of quantum networking in general.

Invited Speakers:

  • Dr. Janis Nötzel | QuNetSim | TU Munich
  • Dr. Peter Rohde | QuNet |
  • Julia Kunzelmann | ReQuSim | Uni. Düsseldorf
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