March 20, 2024
America/Chicago timezone

Join us on March 20, 2024 for a webinar that will provide an overview of Integrated Research Infrastructure.  In this talk ALCF's Thomas Uram will describe challenges that experimental facilities within the DOE are experiencing due to expanding their data collection rates and increasing needs for experiment-time data analysis and processing. How can ASCR facilities like ALCF provide the needed computing services to these experiments in a way that gives fast turnaround of results, seamless integration of data transfers with compute tasks, and delivery of output products to users on their preferred platform?

Thomas Uram is leading efforts in which ALCF has deployed a set of integrated tools aimed at meeting the needs of experimental facilities, providing a comprehensive approach to integrated research infrastructure (IRI) called Nexus. Nexus employs several new facility capabilities: a demand queue on Polaris that will preempt running jobs to give experiments access to compute nodes for immediate computation; the Eagle file system that allows experimental facilities to share data with collaborators who do not have ALCF accounts, via Globus Guest Collections; implementations of Globus Flows that integrate file transfers with application execution on Polaris and machines at other ASCR facilities; the ALCF Community Data Co-op (ACDC), a web portal for running analysis and displaying resulting data products; and in select cases, service accounts specific to an experiment apparatus that can be shared among different user-operators.

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