12-13 February 2024
Argonne National Laboratory
America/Chicago timezone

Tutorial Workshop Goal

The predictive power of Large Language Models (LLMS) has increasingly made it a go-to method across the scientific domains.  This presents scientists with new challenges and even greater opportunities as they explore various approaches and drive changes in data protection, data usage, and scientific understanding. 

The in-person Large Language Models (LLMs):  Tutorial Workshop at Argonne will dive into the wide-range use of LLMs across the Lab, highlighting opportunities for cross-disciplinary discussion and collaboration, and focus on introductory hands-on tutorials for researchers of all backgrounds using LLMs for their research.  


Tom Brettin, Strategic Program Manager, CELS
Nick Chia, Computational Scientist, DSL
Gautham Dharuman, Postdoctoral Appointee, DSL
Sam Foreman, Assistant Computational Scientist, ALCF
Arvind Ramanathan, Computational Science Lead, DSL
Varuni Katti Sastry, Assistant Computer Scientist, ALCF
Priyanka Setty, Visiting Graduate Student, DSL
Rick Stevens, Associate Laboratory Director, CELS
Archit Vasan, Postdoctoral Appointee, ALCF

LLMs Tutorial Workshop Agenda


The in-person Large Language Models (LLMs):  Tutorial Workshop is for Argonne staff, scientists, students and others with Site Access.  Registration is required, limited to 100 participants on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Argonne National Laboratory
Bldg 240, Room 1501 (South Entrance)
9700 S Cass Ave Lemont, IL 60439
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Registration for this event is currently open.