4-6 May 2021
Virtual event
America/Chicago timezone

The virtual ALCF Computational Performance Workshop is intended for experienced HPC users with near-term goals of applying for a major allocation award.

It is strongly recommended that registrants provide complete details as to the work they would like to accomplish in coordination with facility staff.  There are a limited number of seats available for this virtual event.  Your participation is not confirmed until you receive an acceptance email from ALCF staff. 

There is no cost to participate in this workshop.

Foreign Nationals:          March 31, 2021
                                          Note, eligibility requirements below

U.S. Citizens:                   April 9, 2021




Request an ALCF Computer User Account if you do not currently have one.  If prompted, click to accept the Terms, then specify your sponsor's e-mail as knepperj@anl.gov (Jeri Sue Knepper).

As you apply for a Computer User Account, if you are NOT a member of an active ALCF project, please specify:

  • Project Name:  Comp_Perf_Workshop
  • Principal Investigator (PI):  Yasaman Ghadar

Note:  your event registration cannot be processed until you complete your ALCF account application and submit all documentation requested. 


COMPLETE this event registration by clicking the "Register now" button below.  Note: your participation is not confirmed until you receive an acceptance email from ALCF staff.


The following restrictions apply to foreign nationals:

  1. Foreign nationals from countries that appear on a restricted foreign country listing in section 15 CFR 740.7 License Exceptions for Computers (namely, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria) require a very lengthy approval process for access to DOE supercomputers, which will not complete in time for the workshop.  Therefore, citizens of these countries are not eligible to apply for participation.
  2. Foreign nationals from countries other than those listed above will need a valid passport, visa, and supporting documents with an expiration date beyond the end of the training program.  Department of Energy policy now require a CV/resume including educational and employment history.



  • Your attendance is not confirmed until you receive the "Attendance Confirmed" email  from ALCF staff.  Please contact comp-perf-support@alcf.anl.gov if you have any questions.


Virtual event
Registration for this event is currently open.