AI Tutorial For Science Hands-On Session Questions

The first of a series of hands-on AI4Science tutorials will be offered on Tuesday October 6, 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm. The tutorial series is aimed at researchers who have little or no experience using AI tools in their research, with a goal of providing background, tools, and hands-on experience that will enable researcher to add AI tools to their standard tool sets. Throughout the tutorials, we will use data sets generated at Argonne with examples drawn from research done at Argonne. This first tutorial will use an example of going from data sets to descriptors, discussion about how to generate “good” descriptors, building machine learning models using several different regression techniques, such as random forest and kernel ridge regression, evaluating the results, and making predictions outside of the domain of the training data.

We will be using the Google Colaboratory platform (colab) for several of our tutorials and hands-on exercises using Jupyter notebooks. You will need a google account to use the colab platform. 
  1. Please visit the following page, set up your google account to use the colab platform
  2. Please follow the instructions on the page before you come to the tutorial:

*Please note, the AI Tutorial For Science Hands-On Session is open to Argonne employees only*

The virtual conference platform for this tutorial is BlueJeans. Your registration confirmation contains the BlueJeans link to join the meeting.
Registration for this event is currently open.