The Advanced Simulations of Quantum Computations is a 2-day workshop on October 17-18, 2021 from 10:45 am – 4:45 pm MDT. 

Abstract: As quantum computing hardware is steadily evolving towards the quantum advantage regime, classical simulation of quantum circuits is becoming more and more challenging, yet crucial for the verification and validation of the new hardware and algorithms. In recent years, we observed fast progress in new advanced techniques enabling more efficient simulations of rather large quantum circuits. Importantly, these techniques and algorithms were also able to take better advantage of modern classical high performance computing platforms based on the heterogeneous accelerated node architectures.

This workshop will bring together participants from the national labs, academia, industry and open-source software community to share recent results in algorithms and software for large-scale quantum circuit simulations across a broad range of methods, covering state-vector, tensor network, graphical model, stabilizer, and pulse-level simulations. We seek to provide an open platform for state-of-the-art development efforts, exchanging ideas and best practices, and fostering research collaboration in an attempt to stimulate the formation of an inclusive research community focused around the this topic.

Target Audience: The workshop attendees are expected to be quantum simulator developers and/or users from the US and other countries. The level of experience of simulators will range from novice to experienced developers.


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