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  • India Gordon
  • Jeri Knepper
  • Julisa Nenoff
  • Kathy Gorgan
  • Logan Ludwig
  • Susan Gregurich
  • Timothy Williams
  • Tracy Lozano

Outreach: These are events that aim to broaden our user base, educate non-DOE communities on what we do, and focus on targeted engagement with students.

Project Management: These would be internal meetings, most likely even private agendas, that focus on facility things.

User Engagement Events: Big Annual user-focused events that happen every year. These are our big ticket items.

Community Events: These are events that focus on technical communities that reach outside of ACLF. They are not necessarily user oriented.

User Training: One-off user trainings that typically last 1-2 hour but not limited to that length. They are virtual or in-person, tool focused, or singular topic focused.

Internal: Other internal meetings that do not fall into another category. This might include private agendas.