The electronic proceedings of the workshop are available from the IEEE Computer Society Digital Library. Click on the image above or on the IEEE page links below.

We also include below the links to the slides for each presentation from the workshop.

The program of the workshop is available on the SC21 website as well. The SC page links below point to individual program slot pages that include additional information, such as the abstracts.


Monday, November 15, 2021, 9:00–12:30; all times CST (UTC−6)

Welcome and Introduction
SC page

Opening Invited Talk

Brian Barrett HPC On The Cloud: Opportunities to Redesign the Supercomputer
Brian Barrett
Abstract, Bio, SC page, Slides (6.5 MB)
Coffee Break

Session I

Tobias Langer No Coherence? No Problem! Virtual Shared Memory for MPSoCs
Tobias Langer, Jonas Rabenstein, Timo Hönig, Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat
IEEE page, SC page, Slides (798 KB)
John R. Lange Low Overhead Security Isolation using Lightweight Kernels and TEEs
John R. Lange, Nicholas Gordon, Brian Gaines
IEEE page, SC page, Slides (1.6 MB)
Kyle C. Hale The Case for an Interwoven Parallel Hardware/Software Stack
Kyle C. Hale, Simone Campanoni, Nikos Hardavellas, Peter A. Dinda
IEEE page, SC page, Slides (7.5 MB)
Nils Asmussen M³: Applying Microkernel-Ideas to Hardware (invited talk)
Nils Asmussen
Abstract, SC page, Slides (3.1 MB)
Closing Remarks
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