Deterministic Entangled Photon Sources with Semiconductor Quantum Dots

by Poolad Imany (Icarus Quantum)


Abstract: Quantum Networks are on the brink of revolutionizing how we transmit and process data. Highly-efficient entangled photon sources are needed to scale these networks to long distances; however, current entanglement generators are based on probabilistic processes and provide a maximum efficiency of 1%. In this talk, I will present Icarus Quantum’s approach to generate entanglement deterministically, with efficiencies surpassing 70%. Our technology is based on semiconductor quantum dots, which have been perfected by the Quantum Nanophotonics Group at NIST during the past 25 years. I will discuss the challenges in generating efficient and high-fidelity entanglement using quantum dots and how we are addressing these hurdles at Icarus.

Bio: Poolad Imany is the Founder and CEO of Icarus Quantum. He received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and was a postdoctoral associate at NIST Boulder when he founded Icarus to commercialize NIST’s quantum dot technology.